Our Story

The Firehouse Grille and Pub is an American pub-style restaurant whose name proudly reflects its beginnings as the official Willoughby Hills Fire Station. Before serving delicious food and drink to Northeast Ohio patrons, the restaurant was an operating Willoughby Hills Fire Department that served the greater community from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

When you take a seat at our main bar today, you will find yourself sitting where each fire truck was once parked. Across from the main bar is our “Chief’s Room”. This served as the fire chief’s personal quarters and featured a small kitchenette where the crew cooked meals. Today, this room features seating for up to 30 with high-top tables, great for casual seating or smaller parties.

Our current day “Pool Room” was once a fire truck and emergency squad bay. The large squad doors opened to the South side of the building to allow easy departure if all vehicles were needed for an emergency call.

The back dining area, behind the pool room, was called the “Day Room” during it’s fire station era. It included pull down bunks and a recreation area for the firefighters. Today it serves as a venue for informal seating, large groups and family dining.

Once the fire station closed, the Marinkos converted it into a Hungarian restaurant in the early 80’s. In 2004, a group of Lake County locals purchased and renovated the establishment by bringing some of the original history back into the menu and decor. With one of the best patios in town, the Firehouse Grille and Pub is a family-friendly restaurant and bar whose main emphasis is on great service, a standout American menu, and good times for all who walk through the doors.

This history is dedicated to all of the past, present and future firefighters of Willoughby Hills. It’s because of your bravery and brotherhood that we have proudly preserved “The Firehouse”.